About Us

G'day. We are GRIPP. A nutrition brand that will awaken the athlete within you!



  • Simplicity: We make it simple for you with as few products as possible. Don't get confused thinking you need 100 different products. Simplicity is key.

  • Effectivity: Look no further. Do not waste your time comparing products and prices. We have the essentials that you need.

  • Knowledge: We assure you a continuous development for better products based on knowledge and latest researches. Focus on your workout and we will do the rest for you.


  • Movement: Awaken and provoke the athlete within you to get you to move your body more. Any movement is good, there is nothing such as bad training.

  • Nature: Inspire you to train as much as possible outdoor. Use the forest, mountain, river and fields as your playground. Become one with nature.

  • Image: Change the image of supplements. It is not only for bodybuilders and certainly not an alternative to healthy food. It is for you, me and everyday person.

  • Community: We need you and we want you. We strongly believe in building a GRIPP community of athletes that inspire, push and teach us and each other.

Thank you for reading. Now let's start this journey together!

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